What is Apetamin?

Apetamin is an appetite stimulant with the purpose to medicate underweight people or people with eating disorders.

Does Apetamin help you gain weight?

A large number of people are considering this syrup as a weight gaining product, that is completely wrong. Apetamin itself is not a weight gaining product but what literally it does; is to help enhance your appetite and slows down metabolism, it makes you eat more and thus you gain weight efficiently and naturally.

Not only this but Apetamin can also help with sneezing, watery eyes, itchy or a runny nose, migraines and vascular headache.

Is Apetamin safe for men?

Without any doubt, yes. Do not get yourself confused with the pictures of women with enlarged butt and breasts promoting syrup. It is safe for both men and children and it won’t make your body grow like women in pictures. In fact, it is not a hip or boobs enlargement product. If any store is claiming that it would be a trivial lie.


Who should not take Apetamin?

  1. Pregnant or lactating women.
  2. Anyone allergic to cyproheptadine or any similar drug.
  3. If you are living in an area, city or country where the weather is usually hot.
  4. Alcohol addict since both will make you sleepy.
  5. Children under the age of 2.


what does apetamin taste like?

Apetamin tastes like any cough syrup.


When should you stop taking Apetamin?

  1. In case of severe side effects mentioned above, stop consuming product and immediately consult with your general physician.
  2. Upon successfully accomplishing the desired weight.
  3. When it is not working for you, try eating more and more food, start your journey with consuming 700+ calories per day or above your maintenance level.
  4. Results can vary from person to person, we recommend gradual withdrawal. Also, note how your body is responding to slow withdrawal.


Syrup Vs Pills, What is the best?

There isn’t any special difference between syrup and pills, both are designed to stimulate the appetite. However, due to liquid nature syrup works faster than the pill, liquids are absorbed quickly than solids.


How long does one (1) bottle last?

One (1) bottle of Apetamin lasts approximately 7-10 Days, we suggest ordering your next bottle when your current bottle is at its half way point.


Why is the Apetamin bottle not completely full?

The Apetamin is never completely full. This is how the Manufacturer makes the product


Is Apetamin FDA approved?

Apetamin: An Unapproved Drug Masquerading as a Vitamin Syrup for Weight Gain.However, Apetamin has not been approved by the FDA as a drug, and it contains cyproheptadine, an active pharmaceutical ingredient available only in prescription drugs in the US.


“Can you drink while taking Apetamin?

Avoid consuming alcohol when taking the Apetamin Syrup, as it may cause excessive sleepiness or drowsiness


How long does cyproheptadine last?

This medication typically works well for around 6-8 weeks and then the effectiveness wears off. For this reason it is often stopped x 3-4 days, and then restarted. At times to maintain effectiveness it is done 5 days on and 2 days off


How much weight will I gain on the Tablets?

If you are taking your Tablets every day twice a day and eating clean healthy meals while maintaining an intermediate gym routine you could gain up to 5-7 lbs per week (everyone is different).

If you are not consistent with taking your Tablets your results may vary. It all is depending on YOUR activity rate and food intake


Do you ship international?

Yes, we do ship intentional


How do I track my package?

You should receive your tracking number to your email within 24-72 hours (Processing). Once you receive your tracking number, you can track your package on the track menu of this website.

How do I track my package?

All orders are shipped with Fedex Priority Mail. After processing orders are then shipped. Orders usually take 1-3 business days before it is delivered to you. Not including weekend or holidays.


How can I purchase this product?

Its pretty simple just navigate to our shop page and place an order.